Building Backward to Biotech

by Stephanie Wisner
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Building Backwards to Biotech: The Power of Entrepreneurship to Drive Cutting-Edge Science to Market

- Keith Crandell, Cofounder and Managing Director, ARCH Venture Partners

About the Book

Ever wonder how medicines and vaccines enter the marketplace? Why they are so expensive? Most people have heard about Theranos, a story of failure: how do biotechnology start-ups actually succeed?

In Building Backwards to Biotech, author Stephanie A. Wisner demystifies the subjects of biotechnology, start-ups, and finance to answer these questions. Wisner unlocks the secrets of how to build a biotech company successfully by keeping one process always in mind: Building Backwards.

In this book you will understand the concept of Building Backwards and how it can:

· Increase your chances of starting a “winning” company

· Inform capital raising

· Lead to a strong clinical and scientific strategy

· Mitigate business and scientific risk from the outset

Wisner believes in the power of entrepreneurship to drive cutting-edge science to market successfully and its ability to help people suffering with diseases currently considered untreatable. She believes good science combined with innovative business practices has the power to literally save and enrich lives. Building Backwards to Biotech will make it easier for interested individuals to bring this kind of work to a waiting world.

What are readers saying?

As an engineer and consultant with an interest in business, this book caught my attention! The author’s passion, experience, and research give insights into how to make individuals in STEM more in tune with best business practices and strategic thinking.
Leigh W
As a biomedical engineering PhD student, Stephanie's book provides a helpful look at the biotech industry! This is an especially good book for students looking to understand how academic research and new science and technology can be translated to the market. This would be a great guide for anyone with a STEM background learning about the business side of the industry.
Elana C

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